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  • Invited Lecturer for UC Irvine’s Management Beyond the Classroom (MBC) Certificate Program

    As an alumni of the University of California, Irvine and Anteater (Zot Zot Zot!), it was a pleasure to be invited to give a lecture for Graduate Division’s Management Beyond the Classroom (MBC) certificate program in early September. My talk “Maximizing Team Potential with a Culture of Inclusion” provided actionable steps for leading a diverse…

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  • Volta Foundation JEDI Talk: Maximizing Team Potential through a Culture of Inclusion

    As a recent new volunteer project director of the Volta Foundation’s JEDI (Justice, equity, diveristy, inclusion) council, I presented one of my most commonly requested talks: “Maximizing Team Potential through a Culture of Inclusion” for a JEDI webinar event. Discussing creating psychologically safe teams to inspire innovation in the battery industry is, quite possibly, one…

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  • Invited Presenter of Hioki’s Slurry Analyzer

    I was excited to be invited back to share about Hioki’s new slurry analyzer in a webinar format! It is such a joy to work with the Hioki team. Hioki’s slurry analyzer is capable of measuring electrical properties of battery electrode slurries, a great tool for developing electrodes while limiting material and energy waste generated…

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  • Developing Talent in the Battery Industry

    As I look out the floor-to-ceiling window of my new office as Technical Director at Electric Goddess, I can’t help but think back to the windowless basement where I started my electrochemistry journey as an intern at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab exactly 10 years ago. While I’ve come a long way in workspaces, I’ve also…

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  • Hioki Webinar: Lithium Ion Batteries and the Renewable Energy Future

    Being invited to speak for a Hioki webinar on lithium-ion battery technologies was an honor and joy! The Hioki USA team was seeking a battery expert to link challenges in battery R+D with Hioki’s cutting-edge analytical equipment. For the talk, I focused on sharing the growth in the battery industry, challenges in the battery industry,…

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