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  • Volta Foundation JEDI Talk: Maximizing Team Potential through a Culture of Inclusion

    As a recent new volunteer project director of the Volta Foundation’s JEDI (Justice, equity, diveristy, inclusion) council, I presented one of my most commonly requested talks: “Maximizing Team Potential through a Culture of Inclusion” for a JEDI webinar event. Discussing creating psychologically safe teams to inspire innovation in the battery industry is, quite possibly, one […]

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  • Invited Presenter of Hioki’s Slurry Analyzer

    I was excited to be invited back to share about Hioki’s new slurry analyzer in a webinar format! It is such a joy to work with the Hioki team. Hioki’s slurry analyzer is capable of measuring electrical properties of battery electrode slurries, a great tool for developing electrodes while limiting material and energy waste generated […]

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  • Developing Talent in the Battery Industry

    As I look out the floor-to-ceiling window of my new office as Technical Director at Electric Goddess, I can’t help but think back to the windowless basement where I started my electrochemistry journey as an intern at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab exactly 10 years ago. While I’ve come a long way in workspaces, I’ve also […]

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  • Hioki Webinar: Lithium Ion Batteries and the Renewable Energy Future

    Being invited to speak for a Hioki webinar on lithium-ion battery technologies was an honor and joy! The Hioki USA team was seeking a battery expert to link challenges in battery R+D with Hioki’s cutting-edge analytical equipment. For the talk, I focused on sharing the growth in the battery industry, challenges in the battery industry, […]

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  • Seeing Stars from NASA SOFIA

    We were screeching down the runway, engines blasting, accelerating until the shuddering giant leapt off the ground into flight. SOFIA was in the air. The thought of flying on board an airplane that has a hole in its side and carries a 17-ton telescope was a little disconcerting, but after several weeks on the Stratospheric […]

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