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  • Moderator & Panelist for CA Energy Commission IPER Electrification Market Outlook Workshop

    In January 2023 I was invited by a California Energy Commission (CEC) analyst to moderate this panel for the Integrated Energy Policy Report (IPER) Commissioners’ Workshop on Electrification Market Outlook Workshop. The event hosted panelists Sara Baldwin, Mike Roeth, Mike Sontag, and Gil Tal, experts in various fields within the aim of electrification – building…

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  • Quoted Expert in BBC Futures Article on Battery Technology with Lignin

    What a great start to the new year! A few months ago, a BBC reporter, Chris Baraniuk, contacted me requesting my expert opinion and insights into batteries using lignin as a key material. We had a great conversation where we discussed the advantages/disadvantages of using lignin-derived carbon as an anode material, and whether these technologies…

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  • My New Adventure with Accenture: Gigafactories & more

    At the end of December, I accepted a role with Accenture as the battery lead for North America! Soon after, I found myself flying to Australia as part of the Recharge Industries Battery Conference. It was wonderful to meet my work colleagues and the teams of Recharge Industries, Scale Facilitations, and C4V in the location…

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  • Lead Actor Experience: Ford F-150 Lightning

    In summer 2022 Ford’s marketing team contacted me, a battery scientist, after finding my YouTube channel, and asked if I was available to be a lead talent in their “Truth about Trucks” video series on the F-150 Lightning. It was a welcome invitation; the opportunity excited me! After a couple weeks of preparation, they flew…

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  • Just Released: Two YouTube Videos on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)

    Not one, but TWO YouTube videos on EIS have been released! The first, 5 Best Practices for Accurate Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Data, shares the best practices for setting up and performing EIS (because experimental setup should be straightforward, and not interfere with the data and results). The second, Selecting PEIS vs GEIS for Battery…

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