Invited Presenter of Hioki’s Slurry Analyzer

I was excited to be invited back to share about Hioki’s new slurry analyzer in a webinar format! It is such a joy to work with the Hioki team.

Hioki’s slurry analyzer is capable of measuring electrical properties of battery electrode slurries, a great tool for developing electrodes while limiting material and energy waste generated from drying processes as well as time.

My talk “Build Better Battery Cells Faster” highlighted the importance electrode conductivity measurements, the role of electrode conductivity in battery performance, and how the slurry analyzer measures the electrical properties of the slurry.

Many of the participants reached out to me and the Hioki team after the talk for more information on the slurry analyzer as they felt it could be easily implemented in their research and development process for battery development.

If you are looking to communicate your technology with a larger audience, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to help!

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