Volta Foundation JEDI Talk: Maximizing Team Potential through a Culture of Inclusion

As a recent new volunteer project director of the Volta Foundation’s JEDI (Justice, equity, diveristy, inclusion) council, I presented one of my most commonly requested talks: “Maximizing Team Potential through a Culture of Inclusion” for a JEDI webinar event.

Discussing creating psychologically safe teams to inspire innovation in the battery industry is, quite possibly, one of my favorite topics of conversation, save for maybe the latest battery materials innovations and experimental house music.

It was a pleasure discussing this highly valuable skillset of managing and leading diverse teams with colleagues. Although it was an evening presentation, the high rate of attendance surprised me! We discussed what JEDI is, the qualities of the best managers, the definitions of bias, harassment, and discrimination, and how to create a psychologically safe work environment where ALL people can do their best work and succeed.

Attendees shared that they all learned something new, whether it be a new perspective or skill, and the Q&A session at the end lasted a bit longer than expected due to all of the great questions and conversation.

If you are interested in hosting me to provide this talk for you or your organization, please contact me.

For an example of this presentation that I provided for a university audience of graduate students and postdocs (before revisions and further polishing), see the video below:

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