Lead Actor Experience: Ford F-150 Lightning

In summer 2022 Ford’s marketing team contacted me, a battery scientist, after finding my YouTube channel, and asked if I was available to be a lead talent in their “Truth about Trucks” video series on the F-150 Lightning. It was a welcome invitation; the opportunity excited me!

After a couple weeks of preparation, they flew me out to Detroit, MI for the shoot.

Jill with Sean Wilson, the director, and Andrew Comrie-Picard, another lead talent, on set in Detroit for the filming of “Truth about Trucks” series on the Ford F-150 Lightning.

On the 1st day of filming we shot both of the videos with me as lead talent, Charging Overview and Intelligent Backup Power. On the 2nd day, we primarily filmed Andrew Comrie-Picard’s videos and captured a couple B-roll shots of my hand charging the F-150 Lightning.

Jill on camera with the Ford F-150 Lightning, highlighting charging options for the electric vehicle.
Charging the Ford F-150 Lightning

It was a joy to work with the Jackson Dawson filming crew as well as the Ford marketing team to create these educational videos. My excitement for this new electric vehicle technology coupled with the great team energy on set made it easy for me to share my enthusiasm for the technology on camera.

Excited to share about the home charging options for the Ford F-150 Lightning!

I’m excited to share that the videos have been released at 1,500+ Ford dealerships’ “Truth about Trucks” kiosks across the USA! Perhaps it is showing now at your local dealership!

Check out L3 – Charging Overview and L6 – Intelligent Backup Power to see me in action!

Jill standing next to the Ford F-150 Lightning on set in Detroit, MI.

Jill is available for commercial acting and speaking engagements. Please contact her here if you are interested in learning more on how she can work with you and your team:

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