My New Adventure with Accenture: Gigafactories & more

At the end of December, I accepted a role with Accenture as the battery lead for North America!

Soon after, I found myself flying to Australia as part of the Recharge Industries Battery Conference.

It was wonderful to meet my work colleagues and the teams of Recharge Industries, Scale Facilitations, and C4V in the location of the future gigafactory in Geelong, Victoria, Australia!

Read more about this newly announced gigafactory project HERE.

If your company is interested in battery or e-mobility consulting, feel free to contact me!

Photo credit: Recharge IndustriesTM is building a gigafactory in Geelong, Australia, with help from Accenture, expected to generate up to 30 gigawatt hours of storage capacity. © Recharge IndustriesTM 2023

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