Technical Consulting

With over a decade of experience in the battery industry, Jill has worked in a variety of roles, from analytical scientist studying battery materials to senior scientist performing R+D on cutting-edge battery technologies to director and consultant bringing batteries and electric vehicles to market.

As an inventor of over 14 patents on battery technology, materials, and manufacturing processes, Jill understands what it takes to develop technology from the ground up and become a leader in the industry.

She is a sought-after consultant for not just for her technical skills and experience, but also for her ability to clearly communicate complex concepts and her holistic approach to innovation.


Battery materials analysis

With over 400 hours of materials characterization experience, Jill has literally had the closest look at battery materials. Jill’s first-hand experience operating TEM, SEM+EDS+FIB, XRD, XPS, UPS, FTIR, GC-BID, DSC, TGA, and more enables her to understand the best way to analyze your battery materials to answer fundamental questions related to battery performance. She specializes in Si-anode and graphite-anode technologies, as well as has experience with solid state battery R+D, electrolyte formulations, cathode characterization, and more.

Electrochemical testing

Batteries are little black boxes with air-sensitive chemistries. When opening a battery to study its degradation and performance is not an option, electrochemical testing can be used. Jill has extensive experience performing EIS, CV, LSV, and other electrochemical tests on batteries and fuel cells. She can help your team troubleshoot, develop test plans to understand battery performance and investigate failure modes, and more. With experience working with coin cells, pouch cells, cylindrical cells, 3-electrode cells and even the EL-Cell, she provide guidance on the best way for your team to retrieve hard-to-get data for your unique electrochemical system, and help analyze results.

General battery industry guidance

In addition to offering specific experimental guidance and test plans, Jill provides insight into battery industry R+D best practices, guidance, and strategy. Jill is a connector, providing crucial and strategic introductions when she sees an opportunity for colleagues to meet and collaborate. A meeting with her can open doors and perspectives you may have never considered or known about.
Have battery materials that you’d like to find a company to test?
Need to know the best places to source cells with a specific chemistry?
Looking for training resources for your team?
Need market analysis?
Jill can help!

Technical Writing

Need support with technical writing? Jill’s experience as a physicist and materials scientist, as well as a science communicator enable her to write about complex concepts clearly and succinctly. She has worked in a variety of technical fields including condensed matter, thin film magnetization, instrumentation design and operation, battery materials research, cell and pack testing, electrochemistry, failure analysis, and more, and understands the appropriate tone and delivery that audiences in these subfields expect. From whitepapers, application notes, and articles, to video media content, she can communicate scientific content to any audience, novice or expert


“Jill is very knowledgeable and highly skilled. Her dedication to the tasks is exemplary, and she is an excellent Team Player. She also exhibits Leadership qualities with dedicated and thorough approach to technical management. She is a great asset to the team, and to the company as a whole. Her cheerful attitude makes it a pleasure to work with her.”

– M. Buet, Colleague at Enevate Corporation, 2019

Ms. Pestana is a highly competent physicist, engineer, and a communications expert. I have consulted and availed consulting from the MBB (McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company), The E&Y, Deloitte, and PwC, and a few of the premier law firms; Ms. Pestana is a cut above them all. When you need top-notch intensive consulting, there is no better alternative than a boutique firm with solid scientific and technical background. With her consulting ‘Jill Simplifies!’ complex situations, establishes a calm voice of reason in highly charged situations, and initiates win-win negoatiations out of stalemates. Than you, Jill, for solving our problems as your own.

– Engineering Consulting Client, 2019

“Jill has a near instantaneous grasping of knowledge. What she has is extreme competence, and that [competence] she applies to any field with a fresh set of eyes and thorough curiosity.”

– Engineering Consulting Client, 2019

Let’s innovate together.